The best pressure washers according to user reviews

The expansion began with the acquisition of machine tools for the manufacture of parts, and over time, Patriot has grown into an equipment manufacturer that finds its buyer far beyond the borders of its country, due to the maximum simplicity and cost of construction. + Pros of the Huter W165-QL Huter W165 QL The equipment of German manufacturers has already won laurels in terms of reliability and practicality, so the developers of the Huter company can only not lower the raised bar. If you buy a foam nozzle, a high-quality fine filter and a hose of sufficient length for this sink, then in terms of its characteristics it will not be inferior to devices from famous brands, while giving them a significant head start in price.

The best pressure washers according to user reviews


p> Mobile washing for home use. The best sinks of high pressure for home use is to moderately economical, but powerful enough devices. At maximum load, it produces up to 160 atm. pressure with a flow rate of 650 l / h. Despite the characteristics of a professional car wash, the RE 163 Plus is still more suitable for use in a domestic environment if more power is needed.

bosch + Pros of Stihl RE 163 Plus huter The technology of the Land of the Rising Sun enjoys the same respect and recognition in the world as German quality and accuracy. prototecnica + Pros of Karcher K 7 Compact Household mobile sink powered by mains. Some of the company’s facilities are located in China, but buyers note that this does not affect the overall quality of the equipment produced. More or less confidently, only one drawback emerges – Bosch equipment is clearly louder.

But there are a lot of additional questions that only those who personally used such a device can answer. Therefore, to help you choose a high-quality pressure washer, the popularity and reliability rating is intended, compiled from the most frequently purchased models based on their characteristics and user opinions. If there is no skill of using such devices, then the initial consumption of water and electricity can exceed the expected. – Cons Portotecnica Elite 2840 T – Cons of Karcher K 7 Compact First of all, the name of this Italian manufacturer is heard by buyers of professional car washes, but little by little, the company is occupying its niche in the sector of the household appliances market. Karcher K 5 Premium 1m Now buyers note the company’s high price bar and the excessive power reserve of its devices – the maximum pressure of competitors’ car washes is even higher. In all respects, Bosch has been literally stepping on the heels of the market leader for a long time, and in some aspects even periodically taking the lead.

Compact sink with characteristics similar to professional models: electric motor 2.5 kW, 170 atm. pressure of a water jet, a flow rate of about 440 l / h. Karcher K 7 Compact Household sink of a budget class with relatively low electricity and water consumption. Commercial use is not always the focus of professional car washes. – Cons of Stihl RE 163 Plus Thanks to this brand, the domestic buyer has the opportunity to appreciate the commitment of Americans to products from their manufacturers. Karcher K 7 Premium Car Stihl RE 128 Plus 2m Stihl RE 163 Plus 3 The characteristics of any equipment is the main criterion by which a choice is made when buying. – Cons of Elitech M 2500 IRKBS Huter W165 QL 2 If you want to buy an inexpensive branded pressure washer, this model can definitely be recommended for home use, as it has very few competitors in terms of price, quality and characteristics.

The pride of the company’s engineers is the development of an engine that can work without interruption for 2 hours. If there is no need to wash your car often and quickly, and economy and price are in the first place, then this is definitely a suitable option. The company’s equipment is popular among users due to its reliability, practicality, ergonomics and the combination of all these advantages with excellent design and affordable cost. makitta The history of the company has already crossed a century-old milestone and during all this time it has been exclusively engaged in cleaning equipment – professional and household. Also to help the buyer delivered a list of popular manufacturers of this equipment.

Karcher K 7 Premium Car 1m Stihl RE 128 Plus It works from an electric motor with a capacity of 2.1 kW, running through itself water in a volume of 500 l / h at 145 atm. + Pros of Elitech M 2500 IRKBS Also, buyers note the good ergonomics of the devices, making it difficult in this matter to unambiguously award someone the palm. Karcher K 7 Premium Car 2m This German company is the founder of the pressure washer market. Often the knowledge of the manufacturer helps to determine which pressure washer is better – even if this information does not really mean anything, but simply its presence is at least a manifestation of respect for the buyer. Maximum performance at the lowest price.

These are reliability, maintainability, compliance with the declared characteristics, and so on. For commercial purposes, it is better to use it as a backup device in case the main one is overheated, and you urgently need to wash the next client’s car. Over the past decades, the company has been actively promoting the policy of amalgamation, buying up production facilities around the world and exploring new markets, including the production of pressure washers. In-house research centers, continuous innovation and tracking user needs are the hallmark of the Makita brand.

Stihl RE 163 Plus 2 karcher If it is not possible to ensure its flow at least by gravity, then the best aspects of this sink in operation may not appear. The Elite 2840 T is specifically designed for small to medium car washes, not for domestic use. elitech It is on their creation and production that the household appliance market is oriented.

The scope of this Danish company is primarily evidenced by the presence of its factories in the United States, whose residents mostly prefer to support local producers. A budget device that clearly fulfills its task within the capabilities of the engine and pump. A domestic company focused primarily on the market of the CIS countries and understands better than many what needs to be offered to the buyer. For their sinks, Nilfisk engineers have even developed attachments for cleaning various types of surfaces and systems for quickly attaching them to equipment. – Cons of Karcher K 5 Premium patriot Pressure. It is powered by a 220 Volt single-phase network, a 2.3 kW engine allows the pump to develop a water pressure of 135 bar with a maximum flow rate of 500 l / h. nilfisk For example, the use of double insulation and durable metal components from the category of exceptions is gradually becoming the rule.

The trade mark has been present on the market of the CIS countries and Russia since 1999, confidently keeping its occupied niche. + Pluses PORTOTECNICA ELITE 2840 T One of the most productive devices in the high pressure of the high pressure of a professional class, turning the 5.3 kW of the engine power into the water jet under pressure of 190 bar at a cost of 780 l / h. Users recommend this model for its characteristics and build / work quality in general, but you need to be prepared for some of its “whims” associated with the water supply. – Cons of Huter W165-QL Karcher K 5 Premium In particular, this concerns the cost of the equipment offered to the market, without losing its quality. Like other products from Makita, sinks of this brand are reliable, unpretentious and easy to operate. + Pros of Karcher K 7 Premium Car Stihl RE 163 Plus 1 The origin of the brand began in the 1970s, when its future owners opened a workshop for the repair of agricultural machinery. + Pros Karcher K 5 Premium According to this criterion, Portotecnica is an unrivaled leader, because it is recommended to turn off other manufacturers’ sinks after 20 minutes. 3 kW of power of a single-phase motor allows maintaining a constant pressure of 160 atm during the entire washing process – a maximum flow rate of 600 l / h. Karcher K 7 Compact 2m It was not in the assignment, but this is the only missed brand from two example sites – I decided to leave it just in case. – Cons of Stihl RE 128 Plus However, often these are marketing moves that do not affect the position of the company as a whole. The manufacturer positions the sink as a budget, but at the same time its characteristics are approaching professional models. As a result, behind this name one should look for quality and practicality at the lowest possible cost.

Top High Pressure Sinks, User Review Rating Stihl RE 163 Plus 4 – Cons of Karcher K 7 Premium Car Karcher K 7 Compact 1m + Pros of Stihl RE 128 Plus Karcher K 5 Premium 2M Elitech M 2500 If there are any doubts about commercial use in a 24-hour car wash, then the K 7 Premium Car has enough capabilities for everyday conditions, even if its owner has several not the smallest cars. Professional car wash, powered by a household single-phase 220 volt network, electric motor power 3.3 kW. Equipped with a 3 kW motor, which allows the pump to deliver 160 atm. (adjustable). Elitech pressure washers are assembled using technologies purchased from market leaders, but without additional overhead costs and overpayment “for the brand”.

The prefix “pro” simply speaks of the increased reliability of the most important components, therefore, professional high-pressure washers from the rating of the best can be purchased for domestic use as well – they just will have, unlike an example, a greater resource of work. Stihl RE 163 Plus At the same time, do not forget that the device is still of a mobile class, therefore it requires regular breaks in work – if there are constant queues at the car wash, then even this device will not interfere with a companion. For a long time, until competitors established their own production, the name of the company was a household name for contactless washing equipment, and all its achievements are still unsurpassed. Stihl RE 128 Plus 1m PORTOTECNICA ELITE 2840 T

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